BREAKING NEWS: Daniel will be performing 4 Impressions Sets at Comedy Fringe with the incredible Clare Harrison McCartney and Sanj Surati

Daniel has recently released a video of 60 impressions of great male singers from 1920-2019

Daniel has performed as a Tribute to Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley and Elton John

Backstage at Elvis Convention – Jungle Room

Also, in tribute to his greatest musical influence, Jeff Buckley, Daniel organised, hosted and performed at the 10th Anniversary Commemoration of the untimely death of Jeff Buckley, 29th May 2007, at locations in London (Cafe 1001) and Paris (Hard Rock Cafe) alongside dozens of other artists

At the time, Daniel was just beginning as a singer/songwriter/performer, so he left his performance to the very end of the night, at 2am, in London, when most people were either dog tired and drunk with tears. Buckley was the Greatest.